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why four even

This is why I’m glad you’re a published author. I keep having the instinct that it’s “highly unlikely” that there would be so many queer characters but…

Hey if it works in mlp fimfiction why can’t we do it with humans in an alternate future? In the future, lesbians everywhere….

Freewave (ft Bloo) - Release the Breeze

So this is kind of a mix of U2 meets My Bloody Valentine. I’ve always wanted to make a proper shoegaze track and here it is. This is about Fluttershy and the Breezies episode. About holding on to something that needs to be free. Real conservation isn’t putting something in a cage it’s creating a liveable habitat. I’ve been holding onto this track for a long time and luckily it’s a perfect place to kick off my new album. Bloo did amazing vocals on this so I’m very glad to finally be getting this track out after a several month delay.
Her channel
also check out
We both are involved with that project as well. So please support them both. :)

This is on my new album Songs of My People. Hope you check it out.
Art Credit: Tsitra360   Thanks so much!

So I thought it would be cool to post a few photos of my Smiths and Morrissey collection. The records are from my wife’s collection i keep in my office / music room. The rest are my audio “bootlegs”, magazines, and finally my dvd live recordings I’ve been able to trade for.

"But don’t forget the songs
That made you cry
And the songs that saved your life
Yes, you’re older now
And you’re a clever swine
But they were the only ones who ever stood by you”

~The Smiths

Welcome to my fifth album, this time a whole album centered around the guitar. I’ve done a fair amount of EDM over the last couple of years but i finally wanted to do an album around all kinds of other genres; alternative rock, shoegaze, surf rock, heavy metal, folk, funk, blues, and country. Stuff you don’t always see too many bronies doing. This gave me an opportunity to try more song writing, production, and singing this time around. I’m still learning but this was a fun new project. Some tracks are remastered oldies but many are brand new tracks.

As always this is a free release, but If you can throw a few bits my way to cover upcoming convention and bandcamp expenses it would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy!


A big thanks to several friends who helped out on vocals and more: Evdog, Julian Moon, SylverLining, Terolie, Mathematicus, Bloo, and AndanteSkie.

Album art by bakki

Re: YAC vs. Mando



I don’t have any grudges against mandopony or yellingatcats, but I want to say this: filing a DMCA takedown as a response to a diss rap is not cool. It’s a rather low blow of a response that is the kind of response that makes you something of an enemy…

Can’t believe y’all thought that YAC’s valiant return after a year and a half should be a Mandopony diss track using Mando’s own music and then planning to make $$money$$ off of it. AND the audacity to call foul when he takes it down? YAC’s the victim? Really? REALLLY?

Neva forget.

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