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This was just an amazing game. 25 years after the Hillsborough disaster Liverpool played this nail biting home game against Manchester City (ranked third). They got off to a 2 point lead with some amazing defense late in the first half to keep it. Things got scary in the second half when City equalized with 2 goals. In the end they pulled it out and won 3-2, keeping their top spot in the league. Congrats reds!

AwkwardMarina + Freewave - Hanging On to a DJ Just Like Me

In celebration of my 1,500 subscribers, Vinyl Scratch has transcended time and space to party down here on earth. I am proud to present a live action music video featuring a mashup of Awkard Marina’s “Dj like Me” and Blake Reary’s “Hanging On” (available in my album Bootlegs). I created this mashup/remix as an ode to dj’ing as a form of music, and my love of the art form, incorporating late 90’s Nu Skool and Old School Breaks samples for seasoning (BT, Chemical Bros, Crystal Method, and Public Enemy). Special thanks to Marina for getting me her acapella (a LONG time ago…)

Now a big thanks to my local friends for making this video possible. Mathematicus for opening up his downtown apartment, letting us shoot it (staying up to 4am), and then helping me go though MANY various WIP’s of the video and edits for this final version. He did the title card too. That was a ton of work and dedication and I greatly appreciate his friendship and endurance getting this video to completion. Also I need to thank our very own Vinyl Scratch (aka Pyro Temper Tantrum) who we met at Rotlcon (you’ll see some photos of her cosplay outfit 1.0 and other dj’s at the convention) and helped make that convention a wonderful success. I am so thankful that she and her boyfriend Eion helped make this video with us as they helped make it extra special.

Thanks to the 1,500 subscribers who’ve stuck by me, liked and commented on my videos, and helped me feel like it’s all been worth it. I hope you enjoy! Cheers!!!

Awkward Marina’s Original Deejay Just Like Me
Blake Reary’s Hanging On
Mathematicus’s Youtube
and tumblr
PyroTemperTantrum D.A.
Hopefully your subscribed to my tumblr :)

4 Fantastic Fimfics I Recommend

Your Human and You

FANTASTIC human in equestria story, Humans exist in equestria but they basically neadrathals. Treated as cattle, pets, cheap labor. That changes when Max, a human from Earth, is magically thrown into Equestria. Muted by magic he has to learn to survive where he’s a second class citizen and few people believe he’s intelligent. The good news is he’s discovered by Celestia and sent as a gift to Twilight to help relieve stress in her life. The bad news, he’s going to need all his wits to survive.

Its an emotional, extremely well written storyline. Very much cannon equestria but with quirks, surprises, dark elements, sex jokes, gore, romance, you name it. Still in progress but at 40 chapters, updated weekly. Highly, highly recommended.

The Conversion Bureau : Year One

A good introduction the 350 + fimifcs of an alternate storyline where equestria and earth merge dimensions, only to have the inherent magic of equestrians as dangerous to earth and creating a storyline where earth will ultimately be uninhabitable to those who don’t make the ultimate choice for survival. Equestrians on Earth.

Very much like a sci-fi movie script, its the big equestrians on earth that Michael Bay would like to do. It is a bit padded and dry and the concept is better than the story. But it makes up for it with interesting “what if?” universe,  some cool scientific facts about equestria, and how ponies would react to things on earth. There’s many more stories in this universe if you want to see what happens next in this fanfic universe.


This is the ultimate Twilight / Celestia story with ample Luna thrown in. It’s epic all the way and take place several years in the future as Ponyville is now a thriving city, friends have moved on, and Celestia and Twilight’s friendship has strayed. Fighting to reconnect there’s much more at stake and much more to reveal about Celestia’s past in retaining her rule on Equestria for centuries. It’s long but an emotional journey that is epic in scope and incredibly satisfying. A fantastic ending as well. One of the best fimfictions, period.

The SweetieMash Chronicles
This is pure DAWWWW. Just a sweet story of how the lonely awkward button mash joins the cmc and immediately suffers for it. Its sweet, hilarious, ADORABLE, and the cutest pairing as Sweetie Belle gets her first crush on the brave but silly boy. No clop (don’t worry) and just a cute shipfic. The quick lighthearted read you’ll want if you’re in a bad mood or wanting to feel good.


Just in case BABSCon didn’t have your Pinkie Sense™ tingling yet, it will now…because we’re going to melt your face off with pure musical awesomeness. Check out this lineup of crazy talent for our NEIGHhem Festival, April 18-19. We’re bringing in musicians from literally every corner of the country to bring you the best show ever! The fandom’s hottest acts will be there along with up-and-comers who will blow your little pony minds!

Two nights. Twenty performances. Twelve hours of epic music.

Friday Night features Omnipony, Taps, Cyril the Wolf, Tarby, f3nning, Derpidety, Automatic Jack, Donn DeVore, Metajoker, and Skyline.

And changin’ it up Saturday is Eurobeat Brony (Odyssey),  Silva Hound, Mic the Microphone, Poni1Kenobi, IbeConCept (ibeabronyrapper), djtetsuo, Garnika, Additive Subtractive, Knights of the Crystal Empire, and Nexgen.”

So I made the MODS OF MLRYMPUS awhile back when i first joined up on the MLR staff. Was kind of a running joke in the spam thread and even threw these photoshops together. Thing obviously have changed quite a bit since then but going to go ahead and publish this before i never do. Sorry if this was before Fluffaton and Sentennial (and i never came up with one for 4thImpulse). For the lolz and because i spent a hour or so on it back then.

The Conversion Bureau (song idea/draft)

Ideeeeeeeeeea!! Read The Conversion Bureau: Year One and thought it would be dumb not to do a long song for a fanfic universe that has over 350+ fanfictions based on its own sci-fi equestria meets earth premise. Got some lyrics together as a starter. Was thinking prog metal (I was a HUGE fan of Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime when i was younger) but could just as easily go industrial with some genre blending.

Posted ImagePeople of Earth
You’re going to die
Up there’s a hole
ripped out of the sky

2 worlds collide
but only one will survive
out pours radiation
from the equestrian nation

Even unicorn magic
results in something quite tragic
destroys all your technology
and tears apart your biology

But your fate is not the end
We came here as friends
In our dna is the cure
For your lives to endure

And We’re the Conversion Bureau
And We’re the Conversion Bureau

"I sit here with 3 decisions. I can fight this alien race that emerged at the beginning of this disaster. The ones that walk on four legs and offer help but may secretly despise our race. I can assimilate and join their ranks, change my very form, and perhaps even my personality to survive. Or i can wait it out and watch as one world cancels out the other, and human existence is wiped out from this planet by this unstoppable event."

We sense your distrust
Some see evil in us
But a change soon must come
You can put down your guns

Violence and division
Is a conscious decision
And its one we don’t share
In either stallion or mare

Soon these riots will end
And we came here as friends
The serum’s the cure
For your lives to endure

And We’re the Conversion Bureau
And We’re the Conversion Bureau

As these vids are 2 years i may try to see if i can get permission to use them in the end video.

Anyway throwing this up on tumblr to see if a few people like the idea of this pitch.Just a really early lyric wip too. Gonna run it by injustrial and pehaps maybe take it another step beyond that if there’s interest.

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