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“Equestria is a big place, you’ll need a guide.”

Welcome to the eighth round of MLR’s Remix War!

As with the previous remix wars, this contest is split into two parts.

Part one is creating a remix of another brony’s work. The same rules apply as all previous remix wars. One song only, the original must of been produced by a brony (no show songs), and preferably you should remix something that’s not been done over and over again.

Part two will be a collab challenge. The goal is to find another brony musician who you would like to work with and then create an original song based on a specific location or place in Equestria. This can be based on a town, a landmark, or a region. This song can be any genre, but it should capture some aspect of the place you make the theme for. Both partners can only submit one song.

So pick option1, option 2, or both! 2 songs max!

Deadline: August 16th at 0:00 GMT. (August 15th between 16:00-19:00 for us in the states. Please be aware of this deadline.)
Streaming Event: August 23rd
Art by MG.

See more details and register here:

Just a reminder. Less then a month left now.

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