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“Equestria is a big place, you’ll need a guide.”

Welcome to the eighth round of MLR’s Remix War!

As with the previous remix wars, this contest is split into two parts.

Part one is creating a remix of another brony’s work. The same rules apply as all previous remix wars. One song only, the original must of been produced by a brony (no show songs), and preferably you should remix something that’s not been done over and over again.

Part two will be a collab challenge. The goal is to find another brony musician who you would like to work with and then create an original song based on a specific location or place in Equestria. This can be based on a town, a landmark, or a region. This song can be any genre, but it should capture some aspect of the place you make the theme for. Both partners can only submit one song.

So pick option1, option 2, or both! 2 songs max!

Deadline: August 16th at 0:00 GMT. (August 15th between 16:00-19:00 for us in the states. Please be aware of this deadline.)
Streaming Event: August 23rd
Art by MG.

See more details and register here:

Just a reminder. Less then a month left now.



As some of you may know, as well as not know, the new Balloon Party album, Academy of Power, is set to release this year. That’s right, Balloon Party 3.

The album’s theme will revolve around Twilight Sparkle, and learning new things, in which…

^ get excited


Hey this is the announcement for the Maressey Project. An eventual ponified tribute album for the music of The Smiths. This event album will be a virtual bands and is welcome to guitarists, bassists, drummers, midi instrumentalists, and both male and female vocalists. It will be a free album that we plan to have come out near the end of summer but likely with singles weekly.

For more information and to sign up see the Maressey thread on mylittleremix
and check out the tumblr at
and the eventual youtube channel at

Subscribe and follow for when we do start putting out music! If you’re interested in getting involved let us know!!

Here we go. I hope to make this happen this summer!

Freewave - Gravity Falls Meets MLP

So yeah I thought I’d have an MLP / Gravity Falls crossover song / cover using all the great art I’ve seen mixing the 2 fandoms together. It’s going to be nice when the new season of Gravity Falls starts in 2 weeks to keep us going during the summer / fall wait for MLP. So yeah that’s about it. 

Art credits: for the MANY humanized MLP and GF pictures. Their work is amazing! for the great thumbnail image of Mabel and Dipper ponified.
Yorkitsune for the Mabel on Pinkie
and for the cool Gravity Falls inspired MLP background.
W/o these artists i wouldn’t have a track or mixed the two fandoms together. Big thanks to all of them for art permission for use.

Hope those who’ve yet to check out GF decide to.  Equally sharp writing and great characters. (but i won’t be “jumping” fandoms to make more GF music anytime soon so don’t worry).

This is 4th new track from Appletini


So Appletini is my 4th album and represents most of the EDM I’ve made the last 12 months. There’s a bit of everything here to get you moving; Reggae, Disco, Electroswing, House, Darkwave, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Trance. Some are show covers, some remixes, and some collaborations (some old and several tracks are new) but all based around the fandom in some fashion. Thanks to all the great musicians and vocalists who appeared and contributed. After 2 1/2 years of making music for the fandom I still like my music like i like my drinks, with a little pony in them. ;)

This is a pay what you want release. If you’d like to contribute I’m going to see what possibilities there are for making it to a convention this year with some help. If you’d rather keep you freewave albums free I understand.

Thanks to Mathematicus, LoreRD, Julian Moon (ie Jeff Burgess), Memj, EileMonty, Ph00tbag, RainSnowHail, E-Quine, Horseman, Simgretina, and Cat’s Millionaire for their contributions.

Art credit goes to PonyThroat

So i checked bandcamp and i happened to hit 300 downloads for Appletini this week. So that’s very cool. Big thanks to anyone who threw some cash my way too as I’ll definitely use that towards Rotlcon this year.


Freewave-Milkmare of Trottingham (PMV Version, Mature Audiences, NSFW))


So I am finally getting around to releasing my video to Milkmare of Trottingham off of my free Bootlegs album. It’s mature content so not on my youtube although it’s censored (but dripping with censored innuendo and rule 34 content).

Freewave - Milkmare of Trottingham


Kinda funny that a track that wasn’t EQD’d or youtubed (non-pmv censored version was on ytube for just a week) got 2,500 views just from tumblr clop rebloggers but I’m glad that there are alternatives for getting an underground video seen by bypassing all the normal ways.

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