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This is a bluegrass instrumental track dedicated to the Apple Family Reunion episode. I thought having a track which represented a plethera of country instruments and musicians all taking part and coming together helped capture what i felt were the highlights of the ep. Something a bit different from the extended Apple Family and one of the few tracks yet unpublished from my album Songs of My People (its free, like me)


We have a great interview of The Shake Ups in Ponyville by FIMMusic staffer Agents of Discord. They are a great brony power pop group that we think everyone should know about.

Check them out at

Thanks again to Agents of discord for doing this interview. Hopefully more upcoming ones.
His ytube
and this is for blog.


This is my favorite scene of Bob’s Burgers ever.

LOl. Oh i love this show!! I think I watch more cartoons now then when i was a kid.

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ppl who seriously believe every guy who watched MLP  must be sexualizing the ponies make me extremely angery.

Accurate comic is killin it.

Pretty much

this comic literally makes no sense. also the fact that op made the women’s justifiable anger a fucking exaggeration is disgusting.

the brony fandom is made up of middle-aged dudes who sexualize a show made for young girls and literally took it away from them and stomped it to pieces. now i’m not saying that every brony is like that, however, what i’m saying is that it’s not a girl’s fault if she’s wary of you if you call yourself a brony because fucking face it; the majority of bronies is made up of these assholes who constantly demean women and make rape jokes. does a brony have to deal with those kinda things? no, no they fucking don’t. don’t you dare try to deny this because they don’t. also guess what, women get a lot of shit for liking “traditionally” male things such as comic books and have to deal with all this “fake geek girl” nonsense among numerous other offensive things. honestly, how the fuck are you comparing a male’s hurt feelings to an entire culture of women being denied anything they remotely like ever? grow the fuck up.

tl;dr: bronies who actually are nice and respectful are hard to come by therefore it is not a woman’s fault if she is wary around one. stop fucking complaining and instead of trying to shame a woman for something she is justifiably angry for, fucking do something about it so that women don’t have to do that anymore.

now i’m not saying that every brony is like that

No, that’s exactly what you’re saying.

Look, I don’t pretend to know you or what you’ve been through: maybe you hopped on the hate and bullying disguised as “feminist” that this website loves to spread…it really doesn’t matter because right now? you’re embarrassing yourself: you’re embarrassing yourself acting like the faux-feminists who overrun this website.

The Brony community hasn’t “stolen” anything: the show was re-imagined by Lauren Faust who intended it for EVERYONE: for children, adults and parents of said-children, animation fans…everyone. She disagreed with the hateful man-hating fake-feminists that you’ve clearly shown yourself to be. She literally went out of her way to make a whole episode on Powerpuff Girls where a female supervillain convinced the girls that women aren’t aren’t anywhere near as respected as men and thus, the ‘right’ answer, was to let her go rampaging across the city. They proceeded to lash out at virtually every man they came across, bullying the boys at school and getting mad at the Professor for simply telling them to clean their rooms, but were persuaded when they were reminded that there is indeed injustice in the world: it’s there duty to protect the safety of *everyone*.

What happened? She was harassed by people with attitudes like yourself and now regrets ever writing it.

You want to go even further in history? Bonnie, the woman who started it all and created My Little Pony in the 1980’s, commented that she intended for the show to be both for boys *and* girls.

The Brony community is not made up of middle-aged out-of-control monstrous horndogs who have stolen one more precious thing from women. If anything, the community is mostly made up of college-age kids who, like this comic portrays, simply enjoy the show for being the well-written, positive and sophisticated show that it is.

Thousands and thousands of dollars have been put into charity groups such as “BronyForGood”. Radio-shows like “Stay Brony My Friend” by DustyKat and Screwball regularly have guests where money is donated to a cause in virtually every single episode. Donating to charity is something that’s done in virtually every single Brony convention.

But what about that so-called sexual content you brought up?

Honey, I don’t pretend to have know every NSFW artist/writer/whatever out there, but from my experience? The vast majority of NSFW artists are teenage girls. I don’t have any statistics right next to me, but this is what I have seen in the 3 years I’ve been in this fandom: the majority of NSFW art is done by girls, whereas NSFW fan-fiction is mostly done by men.

And really? Who cares?

What sort of point were you trying to make there in the first place? There’s porn out of EVERYTHING, and there always will be. If it’s because you are worried about what your child sees, then put up safe-search, put up filters, and watch what they do. Don’t stomp your foot and demand that the world censors and changes itself to your liking, because it’s just not going to happen.

Oh, was your point because MLP having a male fan-base just another sign that Men are these monstrous horndogs overtaking everything?

Well, since you had your bit: let me tell you the kind of media that *I* grew up watching. Media with guys who look like this:

Or this:

Media with these super big macho men that, I don’t know where you’ve been? But I’ve never EVER seen any guys who actually look like that.

Frankly, I’ve been lucky, because I DO know lots of guys who had to live with this: live with this stigma that this is the sort of “man” you had to grow up to be. This macho-man caricature that you’re putting out where a Man has to slave for his whole life, pay for everything a woman wants, get married, have children, drink beer, and be this impossible fantasy that you’re putting out right now.

Where I haven’t been so lucky? Being teased and bullied because, while I did enjoy ‘manly’ shows (and certainly enjoy Marvel/DC), I also happened to like shows like these:

These were the kinds of shows that I grew up watching and completely adored. Why? Honestly, for the same reason I enjoy MLP: they were funny, well-written, positive and uplifting shows with great characters (and Jerry from Totally Spies was awesome. Just saying.)

And I was ridiculed for it and had to hide it away and force myself to watch other stuff, especially when other people were in the house. I babysat my cousin while she would watch her “girly” shows and when she’d get bored and go away, I’d turn down the volume and quietly continued to watch on my own.

Teasing however, as bad as it was, was all that I got: other people like Michael Morones got so much *much* worse. When kids are tormented because of a backpack they bring to school, teased to the point of nearly ending their lives, it spits in the face of everything you are saying.

I’m not saying all this to evangelize the Brony community: I’m by no means the absolute biggest fan, nor ever was — the fandom undoubtedly has it’s own share of problems, as does every other. However, what I will absolutely not stand for is the sort of biased and uniformed hate that you are bringing out. I don’t pretend to know you or what you’ve been through, but it’s unbelieveably one-sided and not at all helping women or genuine feminism: because Feminism isn’t bashing on guys just-because. It’s equality for EVERYONE. It’s, once more, similar to the Powerpuff Girls episode: because the girls tried to counter by saying that “girls have to look out for eachother”, but then *other women* stepped up and said that the supervillain wasn’t looking out for *them*. She certainly wasn’t looking out for other women when she robbed the bank.

Do you really think you’re looking out for other women with your attitude right now?

Would it blow your mind if I said that I was a feminist? It really shouldn’t — I don’t want another little boy or girl to grow up with archaic societal ideas about how men and women are “supposed” to act and are ridiculed if they desire to like anything remotely “masculine” or “feminine”, whether it’s liking comic book superheros or shows with bad-ass female high-school teenagers.

What about you? are you really helping other women?

Or just yourself?





Y’now in the past shiek927 has sometimes done long-winded responses to posts that occasionally make me groan but i’d be amiss to say if this isn’t the most well though out response for that ignorant response. Bra-VO my friend. Tired of people thinking bronies are terrible people for supporting an all ages feminist show.



Chameleon Moon is now available as an ebook through Amazon.

It’s finally happened, babies.

I can’t believe it. I’m so happy and excited and scared and this just seems surreal. I’m a published author, and it’s my weird book about queer and trans superheroes in a burning city and this is real, this is really happening, this is the real life, this is not fantasy. (Well, my book sort of is.) 

I think it’s especially fitting and amazing that my book comes out (ha) on National Coming Out Day. The entire cast is queer, some are trans, some are ace, and a lot have disabilities and mental or emotional disorders. I think it’s important representation… I just think it’s important. 

So. Amazing, lovely people of tumblr. I am asking you to read this book, and spread the word. I don’t ask tumblr for much, I try very hard not to, and when I do it’s important. This is important. Please, give this a try. If you can’t buy it, please signal boost it. I will be so, so grateful, and if you post about it or review it I will try to personally thank every single person who does.

I tried to write a book that would have helped me when I was young and scared and just figuring all of this gender and sexuality and brain stuff out. I needed something like this, something to hang onto like a life preserver that showed me I wasn’t alone and was capable of amazing things. (Parole itself, the burning city? It’s a literal representation of how chronic pain and an anxiety disorder feels. Stuff like that.)

Thank you so much for the attention and love this has already gotten. I want it to spread and help people and just. Do good. Help me do some good. Please. <3 

But above all thank you. THANK YOU so much. I am so grateful and would have never, ever gotten to this point without the love and encouragement I got here. Thank you.

We’re all superheroes. All of you living and growing and dealing with a world that does not love or appreciate you, most of all. Keep shining.

 - RoAnna Sylver

This is definitely worth your attention and your time. Do yourselves a favour and check it out, and tell your friends!

Congrats sylver:) So proud.

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